Press Release Details Launches in D.C.


Washington, D.C. --- Constantly ordering the same delivery gets both boring and awkward, because how weird is it that just this past Monday, you also didn't have any ones to tip with? See all your options, with GrubHub.

Already exploded in a few select cities, Grub's just-launched DC site contains a menu database for 600+ delivery-friendly restaurants; the on-the-ground team's so thorough, they've even scanned in just-opened spots' menus with hand-drawn price corrections still on them -- you can almost see the proprietors waking up to the marketplace realities, while remaining oblivious to Whiteout.

Just enter your address, and Grub'll return all spots within your gluttonous geographical reach, a list that can be winnowed by criteria like "have coupons", "accept credit cards", and, to prevent tear-inducing teases, "are delivering now".

Most of the restos will take orders directly through Grub, who'll also let you make custom requests on particular menu items ("extra wasabi", "extra waaaaaaaasabi", etc); while registration isn't required, those that create a free profile can take advantage of a virtual menu drawer to store favorites, receive Grub recommendations, and review past orders -- perhaps the only evidence that last night at 3am, things got Panormous.

To celebrate their arrival in the DC, Grub's offering new users $10 off their first order, savings that'll make it even sweeter when you find a horde of new delivery guys to stiff. Get $10 off your first order at



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